About Us

Founded in 2010 POLL Y COLLECTION; educational institutions and privileged to young people who are the guarantee of the future, according to the day of innovation, reflecting the corporate identity, quality and use of exhilarating clothes producing world-class, industry is taking firm steps towards becoming one of the reputable organizations.
Our company; Continuous self-improvement on quality and customer satisfaction, affordable customer requests, has adopted the principle of reliable and timely meet. All POLL COLLECTION Y employees is determined to create the overall quality awareness on these values.
Sustainable Quality principle is indispensable in the services we provide to our customers. The service received by our organization works to ensure the continuity of quality is the foundation of our mission. Our customers to add value to the brand value of the falling direction to us in accordance with customer demand and enhance the value of our company is the first priority.
We are guided by a sense of social responsibility in all our endeavors. A healthy society will be possible to grow healthy generations. Our clothes are made after the test certificate from the institution with a history of ecology EKOTEKS test. Production, environment and social security standards in decent working under suitable conditions, is made with ingenuity experienced in the field of textile


Perfect Integration of Production Processes.
Modelhane, Cut, Print-Embroidery, Sewing and Ironing package. There are five basic modules that this module is a textile product.
If all the world schools and quality to a wide audience besides, if you claim to be able to provide appropriate crop varieties healthy and objectives, your production facilities of these five modules and separately, and must be capable to offer a whole. POLL-Y COLLECTION production facilities, not only with that slaughterhouses and modelhane owner; production technology used, the supplier network of experts in the field, serving only his contract manufacturers, gaziantep its own point of production in the sector is one of the world's leading businesses.
Poll-y production colection devoted to excellence in Total Quality Management System; textile technology and skilled manpower, integrating with maximum efficiency saving of our company dataTec programs and specialized software, is designed in order to meet sudden increases.


Today, the organization of the overall process as well as the quality of the product has gained importance.
Things to adversities that may arise consists of planned every move is crucial to seeing the beginning of the necessary measures.
POLL-Y Collection, the term given product from the moment the order is received and processed meticulously by all the activities required to produce the desired qualities Planning Unit; production schedule is created and the date on which the next stage of the product which is planned. Stages through which control the entire production process is completed on or after planning.
In the production process all the necessary technical testing and reporting process is shared by all departments will be completed at the right time with zero error